Welcome to the FTP Office!

The office administration will be happy to answer any of your questions. Either the Executive Director or the Site Supervisor(s) is on the premises at all times.

Executive Director: Merla Direkze

  • Bachelor of Arts degree, and a degree in Early Childhood Education from her native Sri Lanka and the San Francisco State University

  • joined in 1982

Site Supervisor: Juliette Gallero

  • Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Cañada College

  • joined in 1993

Administrative assistant: Allen Charlton

  • joined in 1997

Culinary MAnager: Suha fanous

Friends to Parents responds to the needs and trends of the community. The center is staffed by teachers with various specialized skills and caregivers who represent the diversity of our community at premium ratio levels. The staff is chosen for their warmth and abilities that complement the various age groups served.